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Eric Haydocy Band

The music scene at the current moment is filled with a whole bunch of singers who want to be famous, just for the sake of being famous. Get on TV, get a reality show, get some paparazzi glances. Get a grip.

Then there are guys like Eric Haydocy. The real deal. A genuine American blue collar rock ‘n’ roller. Blessed with a voice that can blast a hole through a brick wall (microphone not necessary) or soar effortlessly into upper octaves like a choir boy on holiday.

Haydocy operates under the radar from his Western Massachusetts base, playing out on occasion, but frequently writing and recording with his longtime musical partner Dave MacDonald, the former guitarist with bands that included The Sighs and Cardiac Kids.

Together with an assemblage of first-rate players, Haydocy has emerged with another stellar album, delivered with that distinctive blend of power and beauty that’s his alone, direct to the heart, direct from the soul.

There are plenty of highlights, from the working man’s rock heard on the opening “Waiting for an Airplane,” to the delicate ballad “Wishing,” the majestic homage to fallen friends, “Remember,” the harmony-filled take of finding love when you least expect it (“Nothing Can Stop”) or the surging, guitar-driven tale of child abuse titled “Track You Down.”

And that’s just a small sample of the places Haydocy takes listeners on this remarkably consistent outing. Get on the right track and get a dose of this guy’s magic.

Oh, and if you’re looking for frills, there are other avenues from those other singers searching for their reality shows. Eric Haydocy is doing something better. He’s living reality every day, singing about it with pure passion and a presence that can’t be forgotten.