I know, I know, it's presumptuous, but when I come across a CD entitled Rock The Night Away, I feel like I can predict with some degree of accuracy what I'm in for. And to a large extent, in the case of the new LP from the Eric Haydocy Band, I was right. The disc is filled with good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll, though the band's sound owes equally to bombastic '80's rockers in the Van Halen vein as it does to first-generation rock music. The disc has its share of rock clichs, such as the requisite tribute to the one-night stand (entitledÉ "One Night Stand") and the opener, "Rockem Sockem," which includes the lyrics "I just want to stay the night/I just want to dance 'til the morning light." But all stereotypes and rock-critic cynicism aside, if rock music is your thing, then there is some good rocking to be had with Haydocy and friends. He has a thick, powerful voice that seems built to rock, and the band, including songwriting partner and guitarist Dave MacDonald, bassist Eric "The E" Collins, and a Spinal Tap-esque slew of drummers, backs him up with aplomb. My favorite tracks are "Happy Sad," a sweet tribute to fatherhood, and the country-fried heartbreak anthem, "2 Beers." The band is tight and, apparently, they're gonna rock all night. I, for one, say rock on” - Casey Hayman

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Rollin’ in with his follow-up to “Next Guy In Line”, Eric Haydocy and his outfit turn up the rock with addictive blues-riddled rock hooks. His throat is the stuff of legends as he chugs away at beer-soaked lyrics and saloon-friendly songs. Backed by an impressive group who turn in great hook-laden choruses and verses that just absolutely rock your socks of, Eric Haydocy has proven to be a songwriting workhorse. - J-Sin” - J-Sin

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ERIC HAYDOCY has a heart and soul that is Pure Rock. So is his music. In a world of such Incredible Music that never gets heard by the mainstream industry or radio stations that could care less, Haydocy’s music stands out from an area not necessarily known for great music. It should be after this. Plus, this album reminds us a little of old Meatloaf. How great is that.” - Radio Mike

— Radio Mike

Well it's here, It's finally here. The songs we all have been waiting for. I'm talking about the second chapter of the Eric Haydocy Band. The music redifines what we should be listening to. Taking you to a place both old and new. The second cd named Rock The Night Away is just that, a brillant musical affair. The cd picks up where the first cd Next Guy In Line left off. Only this collection of songs takes things a bit further. The first track kicks off with Rockem Sockem, a definite 5 star performance. The song makes you want to get up and dance. Followed by Sky King, which is a dream like song with two lovers exchanging romantic jestures. This song introduce Lidsey Labelle to the listener, who is sure to turn some heads. Most cd's are lucky to give you one great hit. This cd never lets you down. Each song flows with seemless direction. Happy Sad gives you a peak into a softer side of Eric Haydocy, as this song is his view into fatherhood, and is very touching. Eric's collaberation with Dave MacDonald is right on track. The two masterly generate songs that give the listener reasons to listen again and again. Not to forget Ooh La La and Mr.Jones(no cover song here), are both top shelf songs. There is no reason to think this cd will let you down halfway home. Make no mistakes, Rock The Night Away is sure to turn some heads in the music industry. And is sure to make you stand up take notice. The sophmore cd from the Eric Haydocy Band is all that that it takes for people to scream " THIS ROCKS". So tell a friend tell a neighbor the next chapter has begun. The next chapter of the music world. Believe It !!” - Lido

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Press Reviews review smother.net This is one of those guys that would fit in a biker bar but never brawl. Instead you’d find him calmly sipping down a light beer watching any fights that broke out shaking his head, only intervening to prevent anyone from getting hurt. His music is ground into power pop and hard rock that would find a welcome home at that aforementioned biker bar or even in those uber trendy coffeehouses. His soulful voice is filled with a passion that gets often lost in translation in the recording studio. I think that’s why I like this guy so much. He seems like the type of dude that after rocking out for an hour or so, you could walk up to with your guitar under your arms and coax him into jamming out with a stranger for a couple of tunes instead of taking a well-deserved break. And that, my friends is a rare gem in this crowded ego-world known as music. -- J-Sin Review Splendid Next Guy in Line is the result of a collaboration between two Western Massachusetts songwriters from different eras. Singer Eric Haydocy composed ten songs with guitarist Dave McDonald, a songwriter who made a name for himself in the '80s in bands The Cardiac Kids and The Sighs. The resulting album is a focused piece of solid guitar rock with Haydocy's powerful, soulful voice at its center. With only a couple of exceptions, Next Guy in Line sounds like a pre-grunge time capsule -- its straightforward bar-room rock is rife with the simple, clean, charmingly naive harmonies and straight guitar solos rendered unfashionable by Cobain and company. You won't hear it much these days, but you might remember by its moniker, "hard rock". There are traces of blues in Haydocy's hard rock. "Brown Eyed Girl", which is not a cover song, has the grit and snap of a Black Crowes tune, while "Nobody Knows" rides an Otis Redding-like ballad shuffle (and also features some of Haydocy and McDonald's best harmonies). "Hairy Belly Button" is kind of a frightening piece -- its bounciness and sense of humor recall Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville", but something about Haydocy's gritty voice makes it a bit unsettling. Nevertheless, Next Guy in Line is a solid rock outing, perfect for scratching your hard rock nostalgia itch.-- Philip Stone” - Phillip Stone

— Splendid

I think this is a great CD. The songwriting is high caliber and the performers do a awesome job. The song is king for these guys. Nothing not needed but everthing is where it belongs. Looking forward to the next one.It will be in my collection for sure.”

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I played "Billie Jean" on today's show, great version!” - John Rose

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